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Example of Quest InfoEdit

Quest Congratulations! Quest Complete!
With all eyes
Quest with all eyes completed
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With All EyesEdit

  • Play Sim Hospital in full-screen mode.
  • Hint: Full-screen mode button is in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Prizes: $50.


  • Research Common Cold disease to level 2.
  • Hint: Conduct research using the upper toolbar.
  • Prizes: 

Patient Care 1Edit

  • Cheer up the required number of patients.
  • Hint: Click on a patient to see his info and Cheer Up button.
  • Prizes: $50

Some Frostheads Are VisitingEdit

  • You must help your patients immediately!
  • Build a Steam Therapy Room.
  • Hint: Use the Hospital Editor.

In-Game QuotesEdit

Start with quests for better understanding of the gameplay.
  — In-game Hint 

Turn attention to the fact that every quest has its prompt, which will help you to do the quest.
  — In-game Hint 

Additional FactsEdit

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