Diagnosis: Mediaphobia

Level Required: 10

Diagnosed in: Psychoanalysis

Cured in: Music Therapy

Spends Hospital 1: $50-Diagnostic, $55-Therapy, $25-Failed Diagnostic, $27-Failed Therapy.

Spends Hospital 2: $70-Diagnostic, $90-Therapy, $35-Failed Diagnostic, $45-Failed Therapy.

Cause of illness: This disease is caused by regular viewing of TV police and news programs

Symptoms: Patient's eyes open wide, his mouth becomes dry, he gets goose bumps, his hair stands on end, and his behavior is marked by extreme paranoia.

Cure: A patient is played some lyrical music. As a result, he calms down and forgets about all terrible things that happen in the world


Level Diagnosis
Cost Research
0 30% 45% $0 0 mins 0 Gold
6 67% 73% $60000 10 hrs 9 Gold

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