Needed to play mini-games. They can be obtained by helping friends in various ways.
  — In-game Description 


  • You can restore all hearts by gold.

Help Your FriendEdit

  • Improve diagnostic capabilities = 10 Hearts.
  • Participate in Doctors' Council = 3 Hearts.
  • Repair equipment = 3 Hearts.
  • Cure patients = 2 Hearts.
  • Update Decoration = 1 Heart.
  • Clean Up Garbage = 1 Heart.
  • Improve Hospital Reputation = 1 Heart.

*1 action restores for 1 hour.

In-Game QuotesEdit

You have reached the limit of actions you can do for this friend.
  — In-game Warning 

Your friend doesn't have any hearts since they haven't visited their Hospital in a long time.
  — In-game Warning 

Additional InformationEdit


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