Diagnosis: Disco Boy

Required Level: 13

Diagnosed in: General Diagnostics

Cured in: Music Therapy

Spends: $60-Diagnostic, $70-Therapy, $30-Failed Diagnostic, $35-Failed Therapy.

Cause of illness: Some may confuse the word "disco-boy" with "disco-ball." But a disco-boy is a person who has become addicted to the rousing dances of the 1980s

Symptoms: A patient dresses and behaves himself with disco style. Worse, he infects other people

Cure: The patient must sit in an empty room and listen to music in the style of Grind Core. A full recovery is guaranteed.


Level Diagnosis
Cost Research
3 0% 0% $0 3 hrs 20 mins 4 Gold
4 53% 63% $30000 5 hrs 5 Gold
5 60% 67% $45000 6 hrs 40 mins 7 Gold
6 67% 73% $60000 10 hrs 9 Gold

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